‘Welcome lovely soul, do you have an un-easy relationship with food, feel confused, disconnected, overwhelmed by information and stuck about your food choices?
Do you intuitively feel there is more to food than the ‘calories-in, calories-out’ approach and would love a more spiritual approach to eating?
I love introducing people to the power of intuitive eating, the wisdom of the natural cycles and how to connect to our innate body wisdom. Welcome to my cosy corner of cyber space’, love Carol

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You are bright, positive, curious and interested in your health and wellbeing. You love finding out about natural approaches as it’s important to you to feel in charge of your own health. You particularly like to find practical tips and techniques that will fit in with your busy lifestyle. You know deep down how important it is to take time to nourish yourself on all levels.

…and yet you still feel disconnected and unhappy with how you, and your body, feels and looks. You never seem to find a moment to put some of those good ideas into practice and taking time for just you never seems to happen. Perhaps you find yourself wondering?

Are there easy shortcuts to eating more healthily that I could actually do?

Are there natural options to get me through my present situation and symptoms?

Are there people who feel exactly the same as I do?

You know what… yes there are easy ways, yes you always have a choice and you are definitely not alone.

You can…

Love the whole of YOU, exactly as you are

Feel empowered about the food choices you make

Feel empowered enough to make YOU a priority

Feel really nourished so you are flourishing on all levels

Imagine yourself making informed food choices that really suit and nourish you.

Imagine taking time out to do something just for you! Imagine feeling really contented and happy in your own skin.

So hello there… I am Carol Lee, Nutritional Therapist, health coach, ‘real-life’ foodie and ‘food shenanigans expert’ and I love to help people create their own version of a nourishing, flourishing life. 

I like to call myself a ‘real-life’ foodie because although all my training means I know the tricks and techniques for healthy eating, my own journey with food (read more HERE) tells me that if healthy eating were as simple as facts and figures and doing what we know to be right, you wouldn’t be here looking at this website.

I have learnt that there is more to nourishment than food and that getting the food bit right is only part of the equation. So I believe in nourishing our souls, as well as our bodies, which for me means… I have curves, I like to eat chocolate and puddings sometimes and I love eating out with people I love and having a glass or two of wine.

I have come to learn that this is actually a ‘super-power’ in terms of what I offer you, my clients; an empathetic non-judgemental space to share YOUR own ‘real-life shenanigans’ with food so I can really help you get on track. Whatever you have done and eaten I have also and probably sometimes still do! So come join me and let’s get creating YOUR nourishing, flourishing ‘real-life’

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